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May you be a hero to someone

May you be a hero to someone today. May your every thought process find itself rooted in love. May every word that leaves your lips be sweet like honey. May your actions parallel those of the One Who taught of turning other cheeks and walking second miles. May your tongue perceive keenly when to speak graciously … and when to say nothing at all. May your ears be tuned to listen quietly … and may your heart respond with compassion.

May your busy schedule stand motionless … in awe … as those who need a compliment … a hug … an encouraging word … are given center stage … and moments of your precious time. May those you encounter and those who only observe you from the sidelines respond hopefully, “I want to be like them. I want to worship their God.” May you be the success you’ve only dreamed of on your best days and in your finest hours. May Christ win in you … one step … one word … one moment at a time. May someone clearly see Jesus in you today … someone who needs a hero.


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