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May you thrive in His immeasurable grace

May your understanding of the grace of Jesus extend far beyond any limitations or boundaries you may have previously imposed upon it. In addition to its soul-saving qualities, may the eyes of your heart be opened to its life-enhancing essence and its behavior-modifying nature.

May you be acutely aware of how our Father’s grace enriches your knowledge and how that knowledge primes you for a confident and successful launch into each new day.

May you grasp how empowering and how liberating it is to wake up each morning and have something wonderful to live for … to have a message of freedom and hope to share with the world … to be assured with each rising sun that your every thought … every word … and every action brims with purpose and deep value when its goal is to honor the Author of Grace.

May the sound of your own voice … the lyrical timbre of each carefully-chosen word … serve as a gentle reminder that His grace enriches your speech. May the faithfulness of the Living God … His sustaining power … and His steadfast love … pleasingly season your conversations … your testimonies … your reassuring words of encouragement … even your attentive, extended moments of silence as you sincerely listen to the needs … the desires … and the struggles of weary souls in search of meaning and significance in a world mesmerized by its own superficial beauty.

In each situation where you are called upon to speak and with every opportunity you are given to quietly listen, may you reflect the beauty and the serenity that flows only from a heart that has embraced the grace that emanates from the purest and deepest chambers of the heart of a just and merciful God.

May you never lack in any spiritual gift, and may you generously multiply your talents in service to others and in honor of Christ as you eagerly await His revealing on that final day.

May you thrive in the immeasurable riches of His grace, and may the lives of those you encounter along the way be equally enriched by His amazing grace … far beyond anything they have ever dreamed or imagined.

I Corinthians 1:4-9


My whole esteem flows from You

Unchanging God –

It has been a beautiful day. I thank You … I praise You … for giving me life, health and energy. I thank You for giving me things to do and people to encourage and love.

Thank You for filling me with purpose and value. My whole esteem flows from You … not from me … but from You. I am valuable. I am valuable because I am created and loved by You.

I’ll never get lost in the millions and billions of people on this planet, Lord. You love me, and nothing can separate me from Your steadfast love. Everywhere I can be, Your power is there.

Every gift … every talent I have comes from You. You have been very generous. Thank You!

You are changing me daily, and I know that I am everything I am because You love me. Thank You for loving me. Thank You for adopting me, Father.

You are God. You are the unchanging God. You are my God. I don’t want any other god. I’m praying through Jesus. Amen.



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