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May you take some time for yourself

» May our Father be filled with great joy as He considers your pure, sincere heart and your active faith, and may He bless you with a rich blend of spiritual gifts perfectly designed to reconcile many souls to Himself through Jesus while gently guiding you to abundant life … both here and in the life to come.

» I’m praying that your faith … your friendship … and your fun will fashion today into a fabulous experience for every fortunate soul who finds themselves in your company. May you give them your best … may you give Him your best … and may you take some time for yourself to do something you love.

» May Jesus’ presence in your heart be warm and bright … peaceful and filled with promise. May you be encouraged and comforted that the crucified and risen King has come to live victoriously in you.


Friends like Jesus

May the road that lies before you lead you to many friends who look like … live like … and love like Jesus.

Friends like Barnabas … who give the Paul in you a trusted companion in ministry … who give the John Mark in you that coveted second chance … whose every heartbeat encourages you to become every good thing our Father created you to be.

Friends like Ruth … who cherish spiritual formation more than safety … who value truth more than heritage … who seek the Living, Forgiving God more than the gods of this world.

Friends like Jonathan … who treat you like a king when that great honor belongs to them … who protect your welfare even in the face of great danger … who choose to knit their souls to your soul rather than to wealth, power and fame.

Friends like Jesus … who reach deep into your heart and free the hero within … the hero they have always believed you can be … who love you just the way you are with a transforming, life-changing love … who forgive you when they have the power to destroy you.

May your little corner of the world be filled with many friends who love Jesus much more than they love you … for then you will possess the richest treasure this world has to give. May you discover and delight in all the riches of that priceless treasure.

May you find all your friends in Jesus … and may they find Jesus in you.


May His friendship be your greatest blessing

May the blessings that your friendship yields return to you thirty … sixty … one hundred fold. May those you bless honor the Christ … the King … Whom you love so deeply … Whom you emulate so effectively … Whom you imitate so consistently. May they find in Him amazing grace … abundant forgiveness … eternal life.

May you minister as one who has spent much time with the Master … the Savior … Jesus, the Son of God. May He be your satisfaction … your completion … the fulfillment of your every need. May your rich … intimate … personal relationship with Him be your greatest blessing of all.


Thank You for creating relationships

Master of all generations –

Thank You for creating mankind and every aspect of life. Thank You for creating me. Thank You for creating relationships. Father, I want to live in an intimate, deep relationship with You. I desire to live in a way that makes You happy that You created me.

Please teach me Your Word and Your Way so that I can master the sin that clings so closely to me.

I can do all things through Christ Who gives me strength. I believe that! It’s not my strength, but His, and He can do anything! I praise You, Father, for sharing Your Son, Jesus Christ, with me. He is my Savior. He is my King. I want to walk with Him. I want to walk with Your Holy Spirit. I want to walk with You … only with You.

Your Word is a lamp for my feet and a light for my path. Lead me in light, Father. Lead me in the light of Your Word. Lead on, oh King Eternal!

My heart loves You. My heart adores You. With my whole heart, I am praying to You through Jesus. Amen.


I love everything about You

My Shepherd –

I love You. I love everything about You. My desire is to see Your face … to live in Your presence forever.

Help me to know You so well in this life that I will recognize You … know You … and be found hidden in You on the great and terrible day of judgment.

I do not question Your authority. I do not resent Your guidance or Your discipline. I rejoice that You are my Master and my King. I seek You. I love You. I want to be just like You.

Mold me. Break me. Change me. Discipline me. Shape me. Do whatever it takes in Your divine knowledge and will to perfect Your love in me … to teach me obedience to You … to purify my heart … to cleanse my soul … so that I may enter Your presence … pure, washed, clean and holy … Your servant … Your sheep … Your son.

I will follow You, my Father … my God.

Hear me through Jesus. Amen.



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