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I trust You with my life

God of Might –

You are the Living God … the Almighty God. You can do anything, and You are doing great and wonderful things in my life right now.

I humble myself before You. Lord, please lift me up. Only You know how high I should be lifted, and no one can lift me higher than You.

I trust You with my life … with all of my life. You are faithful. You are steadfast. I know You hear me.

Father, multiply my freedom in Jesus. Free me from sin … from my old life … from anything and everything that is hostile to You. You can do it! Your hand is mighty.

I love to worship You. Please help me speak, and teach me what to say as I worship You and as I confess You before men.

You have never failed me. You have lifted me up in the presence of my enemies. Thank You, Father. Through the name of Jesus, I thank You. Amen.


I can do nothing without You

Great Provider –

Every success I experience or know is only because of You … because You are with me and have chosen to bless me. With every success, help me to remain humble and thankful.

When I experience failures and disappointments, You are still with me. I believe that. Joseph believed that. Thank You for his wonderful example! Please give me strength to, like him, give You all of the glory for every good thing.

You are Your own interpreter. Rather than getting sidetracked with my own interpretations, give me wisdom and grace, Lord, to simply read Your Word, believe it and obey it. I never want to complicate Your simple truth with my vain opinions.

I can do nothing without You. You can do anything and everything without me, yet You want to be with me. That makes me feel valuable. That gives me purpose.

Fill me with Your beautiful Holy Spirit of grace. Please hear my prayer through Jesus. Amen.


May you abandon tolerance for the higher calling of love

May you be filled with wisdom … extending grace to those trapped in the web of sin … abandoning tolerance for the higher calling of love.

May you be humble … in attitude and in action … trusting the Living God to lift you higher than you could ever lift yourself.

May you be salt … lightly sprinkled … enhancing the flavor of life for everyone you encounter.

May you be light … soft and warm … illuminating the darkened paths of lost and lonely souls.

May you be like a child … innocent in evil ways … and quick to forgive.

May you be quick to listen … slow to speak … slow to anger.

May you become more like Jesus every day … with each step of faith … with each beat of your heart … with each breath of precious air.

May you discover your identity in His fathomless friendship and His truly amazing grace.



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