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May you take some time for yourself

» May our Father be filled with great joy as He considers your pure, sincere heart and your active faith, and may He bless you with a rich blend of spiritual gifts perfectly designed to reconcile many souls to Himself through Jesus while gently guiding you to abundant life … both here and in the life to come.

» I’m praying that your faith … your friendship … and your fun will fashion today into a fabulous experience for every fortunate soul who finds themselves in your company. May you give them your best … may you give Him your best … and may you take some time for yourself to do something you love.

» May Jesus’ presence in your heart be warm and bright … peaceful and filled with promise. May you be encouraged and comforted that the crucified and risen King has come to live victoriously in you.


May your plantings flourish

May Jesus rain gently on the fields where you are planting the seeds of His Gospel, and may our Father provide healthy, sturdy growth in abundance. May His Holy Spirit sustain that growth, and may your harvest be plentiful.

May your heart drink deeply of His refreshing reign, and may your soul be flooded with warm, bright sunshine. May the windows of your heart glow with His radiant light, and may each soul that you teach fall completely in love with the God Who calls Himself “Love” … and may you fall in love with Him … completely … all over again.

May He touch your lips with sweet grace … and may His voice and yours be as one … as you share the Good News of Jesus Christ … the Son of God … with a world of souls who desperately need to hear the Good News that Jesus can give us each what we need the very most … forgiveness of our sins.

May all of your plantings flourish … may all of your harvests multiply … only in Him.


Thank You for creating relationships

Master of all generations –

Thank You for creating mankind and every aspect of life. Thank You for creating me. Thank You for creating relationships. Father, I want to live in an intimate, deep relationship with You. I desire to live in a way that makes You happy that You created me.

Please teach me Your Word and Your Way so that I can master the sin that clings so closely to me.

I can do all things through Christ Who gives me strength. I believe that! It’s not my strength, but His, and He can do anything! I praise You, Father, for sharing Your Son, Jesus Christ, with me. He is my Savior. He is my King. I want to walk with Him. I want to walk with Your Holy Spirit. I want to walk with You … only with You.

Your Word is a lamp for my feet and a light for my path. Lead me in light, Father. Lead me in the light of Your Word. Lead on, oh King Eternal!

My heart loves You. My heart adores You. With my whole heart, I am praying to You through Jesus. Amen.


May even your “downs” be “ups” in Him

May Jesus be your Best Friend when you don’t want a best friend. May He be your gentle, quiet companion when you want nothing but to retreat into your dark and lonely cave.

May He attend to your every need when you don’t have the energy or desire to attend to your own. May His grace abound when you need it most.

May He be willing … waiting … watching … for you … to come back home when your heart chooses to wander. May His kindness lead you to repentance … just as it was designed to do.

May the depth and the strength of your faith in Him make this blessing an unnecessary … meaningless … exercise of unneeded words.

May even your “downs” be “ups” in Him.


Lead me gently back to You

God of my heart –

There was a time when You were grieved that You had made man on the earth, and Your heart was filled with pain.

I love Your heart. Your heart is perfect, and yet I know at times I fill Your heart with pain. I turn my eyes away from Jesus, and I look at the pleasures of this world … and I am enticed … and I hurt You … and I hurt me … and I hurt … and Your perfect heart hurts because of me.

I don’t want to hurt You, Lord. You never hurt me.

Lead me gently back to You. Discipline me, Lord. Correct me, but please correct me in Your mercy … and not in Your wrath … for I would be destroyed.

I am not destroyed because of Your steadfast love.

I have sinned against You and You only, and I am ashamed. Refine me, Father. Make me holy so that Your heart will delight in me the way my heart delights in You.

I love You, and I am praying through Your perfect Son, Jesus. Amen.



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