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Boomerang Blessings

One of the richest rewards of creating this web site is what I call “Boomerang Blessings” … the blessings that return to me through your e-mails. I read and re-read them. A few of them are listed below.

» May you be blessed in increasing measure as you seek to love and encourage others.

» The Imagine blessing was probably one of the best things you’ve ever written. The reminder of the end of our story and of being with Jesus hit me right where I needed it to. It is so easy to get caught in the minutia of daily activities, but being reminded of something so much bigger than this world … something that exceeds the pain, the criticism, the lows and gives a sense of assurance that all that we are doing is worthwhile and meaningful … you tapped into an immeasurable resource, the everlasting life that comes through Jesus. May that source sustain you in the highs and lows, in the joys and the depression, the smiles and the tears, the regrets and the frets.

» May this website be like a tree planted by streams of water – a tree that even in cultural drought, endlessly provides fruit for the soul.

» I pray that you will be a literary hero to someone through your website. I know that your words give warmth in a world that is often cold, and I pray that they continue to do the same.

» May God bless you for putting His name before the world on the web!

» God bless you with this endeavor as you seek fully His will.

» The world seeks out kind hearts, may it never break your spirit, may this website always breathe new life into Christendom.

» May you always have the peace in your heart that allows such beautiful language to burst forth onto these pages and into the hearts of those of us who view them.

» May the Lord bless you and your ministry!

» May you and your site glorify the Lord always.

Thank you!


Visitors’ Reflections 2005-2008

This collection of excerpts provides some insight into visitors’ impressions of Steve to Earth before the commenting feature was added in 2011. Older entries are listed first.

» This is one of the most refreshing sites I’ve read in a long time.

» Wow, it looks like a pro did it!

» Thanks for this ministry!

» I like how when I set your website as one of my “favorites” the child image is next to the name of the website.

» I have read through your site and have cried and been so happy that you started this.

» I am so glad you listened to your heart. I’m going to pray for you every day!

» So excited for your new ministry … not only for you, but for those of us who love you and benefit from the words God gives you to share.

» I especially loved the excerpt from “Maybe He Loves Me.”

» That’s really awesome!

» Works good and very interesting!

» This site is wonderful … the look (design and color), the load time, but most of all the writings.

» All your text at the side are stacked on top of each other. I can select each one, but they are so crammed together, you can not tell what you are selecting.

» Note from Steve: Older browsers such as Netscape 4 and Internet Explorer 5 may be unable to display the site correctly because the site uses cascading style sheets. The site looks best in Firefox.

» Looks inviting and most important, it reveals the transparent Steve – the man who genuinely loves God.

» I am so proud of your efforts, your incredible ability to train yourself, your creativity, and, mostly, your heart for Jesus which led you to branch out into this new ministry. I know God will bless many people through you and your words, just as you have blessed me today.

» The truth is that God has found an avenue in you to get a good message out to people in need.

» Go, Steve, Go!!

» I pray that your words that you write will bless the lives of those who encounter your heart on your website. I pray that words of life, hope and truth will illuminate lives that have been darkened by doubt, hurt and loneliness.

» I really enjoyed it. Very inspirational! I look forward to checking it out all the time. I added it as a Favorite.

» I was blessed today by opening your website. Your gentle musings and soulful search to know Jesus better are exactly like I recall any conversation with you. May you be blessed in increasing measure as you seek to love and encourage others.

» I am so blessed to have God steer me in your direction.

» You have been like Ritalin for my heart.

» I love the site! I hope it will bring as much spiritual warmth to its viewers as your sermons and our conversations have brought to me.

» I am thankful to receive wonderful blessings from you, because it is something that we seem to have forgotten about these days. But there is something special about words of life being spoken over your life when the Spirit of God empowers those words.

» I so enjoyed your website. It was as if you were peering into my very soul and putting the words together that I long to express. Thank you for listening to Him.

» The website is awesome!!! God bless you and your ventures – you are a noble man!

» Stevetoearth is a spiritual vitamin for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this ministry. You can’t ever know how much God has worked through you with your computer!

» Man am I impressed. It looks to me like you are on a wonderful journey. It is so well written. The first thing that came to my mind was that God and Weldon Edwards are so proud of you. May God continue to bless you!

» Note from Steve: Now that’s a compliment! Fight ’em, Bucks!

» My favorites were your “Mission Statement” and “What If.”

» If you need a “pick-me-up” it’s a wonderful place to visit.

» Once I started, I was like a sponge. I am absolutely blown away. Several times as I read, I was moved to tears. Your words are not only beautiful, but they paint such wonderful pictures and invoke such powerful emotions. I know that God is writing through you, and it does show.

» The blessing brought me such a calm, connected feeling. I need this website. I feel your website is coming from a place of love, and I, for one, appreciate it greatly.

» Having known you for as long as I can remember, I am not at all surprised by the website. It’s powerful, and meaningful, and in so many ways will be a source of hope and encouragement. My heart to yours Steve! God gives us blessings in ways we never imagined possible – you are one of those blessings. Thank you.

» I appreciate the time and effort that you are spending in providing these weekly inspirational thoughts. I truly look forward to the blessings of inspiration that you so thoughtfully share. I have always known that God had big plans for you and I’m glad that you have discovered this special ministry.

» I am so excited that you have put this out there and I intend to visit often. I have always found encouragement in your writing and will continue to look forward to more.

» I’m so glad I thought to take the time to visit your site. I haven’t been since you started it and would like to spend more time catching up. I like the “segmented vessel.” Your writing has really developed into a talent you are using wisely to bless others. I’m so proud of you and glad to see you using your talents to inspire others.

» I am amazed and wowed by the connection these words have with every aspect of my life. Whenever I am muddled down with evil thoughts and worries, I find a “safe place” here and store it away in my heart. You amaze me that you have never said anything outside of scripture and none of your words judge me. The Holy Spirit within you is connecting me to Christ and the Holy Spirit within me.

» Your web site looks great, but more importantly, I was profoundly moved after reading “Why I Choose Jesus.” Thank you for the inspiration.

» I’ve been through some trying times lately, and each time I go to your website it gives me peace of mind. I really appreciate the hard work you do on it.

» Nice work on your site Steve. Good, tidy xhtml and css. Great work.

» I have been several times and get to reading and before I know it an hour has passed. It’s GOOD STUFF!!!

» I enjoy going to your site and reading your thoughts … they are a blessing to me. Thank you for your ministry and the blessing you are to others.

While critical words may motivate some, it has always been the words of encouragement that have motivated me throughout my life to give my best, to move to higher ground and to walk humbly and confidently at Jesus’ side. Other than Jesus, my spiritual encouragers and spiritual challengers are my greatest treasures. I truly appreciate your encouraging words!


May you take some time for yourself

» May our Father be filled with great joy as He considers your pure, sincere heart and your active faith, and may He bless you with a rich blend of spiritual gifts perfectly designed to reconcile many souls to Himself through Jesus while gently guiding you to abundant life … both here and in the life to come.

» I’m praying that your faith … your friendship … and your fun will fashion today into a fabulous experience for every fortunate soul who finds themselves in your company. May you give them your best … may you give Him your best … and may you take some time for yourself to do something you love.

» May Jesus’ presence in your heart be warm and bright … peaceful and filled with promise. May you be encouraged and comforted that the crucified and risen King has come to live victoriously in you.


May our Father’s work be your focus

Thank you for your patience over the past three months. Steve to Earth is created in my spare time, and I haven’t had much of that for quite a while. I’ve also struggled with the direction I want to go with the site in 2007. I would appreciate your prayers in that regard. Simple is usually best, so I’ll kick off 2007 with three short blessings from recent e-mails to friends.

» May our Father’s work and your role in it always be your focus … your vision … your heart’s purest desire … when the path ahead is crystal clear … and when every veiled inch ahead of you requires a great step of faith.

» May your future be filled with many bridge-building opportunities. In your most difficult relationships, may you … and those you struggle with … discover that your desire to honor Jesus by helping others is much more important to you than competing for the right to control the relationship. May our Father lead you to all the right bridges, and may He give you the courage to cross each of them … with grace … and dignity … fully trusting in Him.

» May our Father bless you with spiritual shepherds who will hold your heart … feed your soul … and nurture your faith … in a spirit of compassion … encouragement … and love … as perfect imitators of the Great Shepherd … Jesus.


May you never doubt His love

They say that less is more. Here are three short blessings from e-mails I’ve written to people I love.

» May Jesus transform your weaknesses into the sources of your greatest ministries.

» May you feel the Holy Spirit this week. May He strengthen and comfort you as you live to honor Jesus. May you thrive in His friendship the way our Father intended.

» May you trust Jesus with your future and your heart. May you never doubt His love. May He work through you in tender and powerful ways to reconcile lost and hurting souls to His soul.


May you celebrate your marriage every day

Originally written for the first wedding anniversary of one of my friends, I’m sharing this blessing on Steve to Earth today in honor of my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, which they celebrated on Friday, September 1, and our family celebrated all weekend.

Mother and Dad, I am so proud of you, and I love you very much! I consider it a privilege to bless this wonderful milestone in the lives of the two people who are responsible for me being here … the two people who loved me enough to introduce me to Jesus … the two people who continue to love me deeply and unconditionally even on the days when I don’t look very much like Him.

May your celebration be attended and blessed by the Groom … the Savior … the Supreme Example of Love. May your relationship be honored by the bride … the church … the spiritual body of Christ.

May your hearts be filled with hope for the future. May your souls overflow with renewed faith and abundant forgiveness. May your spirits be refreshed with joyful and happy song.

May all your fatigue … all your frustrations … and all your failures give way to the blessings of the Comforter … your Friend … the Holy Spirit, and may each fruit that He produces grow firm and tender and sweet in your fertile hearts.

May you find peace in His indwelling presence. May He be a Pleasant Inhabitant … a Tenant bearing generous gifts … a Perfect Communicator of our Father’s precious will … a Flawless Glorifier of our Lord Jesus Christ … a Gentle Companion who fills every corner of your souls … and leaves no vacancy for any other spirit.

With great joy, may our Father bless each beautiful day you spend together … until His Spirit and yours are joined for eternity … in the highest and holiest of marriages.

May you celebrate your marriage a little every day, and may your daily celebrations inspire and give hope to a weary world.

This is my prayer for you … because of His great love for us.


May you see Him everywhere you go

I hope you had a wonderful day.

I enjoyed a relaxed evening after work.

I met my family at my parents’ place and spent a few quiet hours working a 3,000 piece puzzle with my mother.

Driving home, flashes of lightning from distant thunderstorms lit up the northwestern horizon.

I stood in my front yard for a few minutes and watched the stars. They were incredibly clear tonight. One streaked across the southern sky.

The Milky Way was flowing directly overhead … bright and beautiful.

I was still … and knew … that He is God … and I am His.

You are too.

Everywhere you go, may you see Him.


Friends like Jesus

May the road that lies before you lead you to many friends who look like … live like … and love like Jesus.

Friends like Barnabas … who give the Paul in you a trusted companion in ministry … who give the John Mark in you that coveted second chance … whose every heartbeat encourages you to become every good thing our Father created you to be.

Friends like Ruth … who cherish spiritual formation more than safety … who value truth more than heritage … who seek the Living, Forgiving God more than the gods of this world.

Friends like Jonathan … who treat you like a king when that great honor belongs to them … who protect your welfare even in the face of great danger … who choose to knit their souls to your soul rather than to wealth, power and fame.

Friends like Jesus … who reach deep into your heart and free the hero within … the hero they have always believed you can be … who love you just the way you are with a transforming, life-changing love … who forgive you when they have the power to destroy you.

May your little corner of the world be filled with many friends who love Jesus much more than they love you … for then you will possess the richest treasure this world has to give. May you discover and delight in all the riches of that priceless treasure.

May you find all your friends in Jesus … and may they find Jesus in you.


I trust You with my life

God of Might –

You are the Living God … the Almighty God. You can do anything, and You are doing great and wonderful things in my life right now.

I humble myself before You. Lord, please lift me up. Only You know how high I should be lifted, and no one can lift me higher than You.

I trust You with my life … with all of my life. You are faithful. You are steadfast. I know You hear me.

Father, multiply my freedom in Jesus. Free me from sin … from my old life … from anything and everything that is hostile to You. You can do it! Your hand is mighty.

I love to worship You. Please help me speak, and teach me what to say as I worship You and as I confess You before men.

You have never failed me. You have lifted me up in the presence of my enemies. Thank You, Father. Through the name of Jesus, I thank You. Amen.


May your plantings flourish

May Jesus rain gently on the fields where you are planting the seeds of His Gospel, and may our Father provide healthy, sturdy growth in abundance. May His Holy Spirit sustain that growth, and may your harvest be plentiful.

May your heart drink deeply of His refreshing reign, and may your soul be flooded with warm, bright sunshine. May the windows of your heart glow with His radiant light, and may each soul that you teach fall completely in love with the God Who calls Himself “Love” … and may you fall in love with Him … completely … all over again.

May He touch your lips with sweet grace … and may His voice and yours be as one … as you share the Good News of Jesus Christ … the Son of God … with a world of souls who desperately need to hear the Good News that Jesus can give us each what we need the very most … forgiveness of our sins.

May all of your plantings flourish … may all of your harvests multiply … only in Him.



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