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I trust You with my life

God of Might –

You are the Living God … the Almighty God. You can do anything, and You are doing great and wonderful things in my life right now.

I humble myself before You. Lord, please lift me up. Only You know how high I should be lifted, and no one can lift me higher than You.

I trust You with my life … with all of my life. You are faithful. You are steadfast. I know You hear me.

Father, multiply my freedom in Jesus. Free me from sin … from my old life … from anything and everything that is hostile to You. You can do it! Your hand is mighty.

I love to worship You. Please help me speak, and teach me what to say as I worship You and as I confess You before men.

You have never failed me. You have lifted me up in the presence of my enemies. Thank You, Father. Through the name of Jesus, I thank You. Amen.


May thoughts of Heaven fill your heart

May thoughts of Heaven fill your heart.

May the golden streets inspire you to help someone along a rocky, difficult road that stretches before them.

May thoughts of Michael and Gabriel motivate you to be an angel to a soul struggling desperately with demons.

May the hope of an endless day with Jesus lead you to illuminate the path of a friend encircled by an endless night.

May the abundance of the Tree of Life encourage you to provide for those in need of food, clothing and shelter.

May the promise of our Father’s finger tenderly wiping away your tears stir you to bring comfort to those who weep.

May the welcoming King on His throne move you to raise your scepter when those who have wronged you enter your presence and request your grace.

May joyous worship break out in your heart and roll from your lips when you are counted worthy to suffer for the name of Christ.

May our Father’s kingdom come … in you.

May His will be done on earth this day because you understand that getting Heaven into you is more important than getting you into Heaven.


Your promises are rich and true

Almighty God –

I love Your holy covenant. Your promises are rich and true. Your promises never fail. Thank You for keeping Your promise to Abraham. Your faithfulness helps me believe.

Increase my faith, Lord. Fortify my patience, Father. Every promise You have made to me, I know You will keep in Your time. I will wait on You. I know that You are not slow. You are perfect.

Teach me Your will … Your way … Your Word. Use me, Lord, as a vessel. I give You my heart. Mold me into who You want me to be. I am here to serve. I am here to worship. I am here to praise.

You are the promise-keeping God. Lead me, Father. I will follow You. I want to be trustworthy just like You. Through Christ, I can be. I love You. I am Your servant, and I am praying through Your Son, Jesus. Amen.


May you be a hero to someone

May you be a hero to someone today. May your every thought process find itself rooted in love. May every word that leaves your lips be sweet like honey. May your actions parallel those of the One Who taught of turning other cheeks and walking second miles. May your tongue perceive keenly when to speak graciously … and when to say nothing at all. May your ears be tuned to listen quietly … and may your heart respond with compassion.

May your busy schedule stand motionless … in awe … as those who need a compliment … a hug … an encouraging word … are given center stage … and moments of your precious time. May those you encounter and those who only observe you from the sidelines respond hopefully, “I want to be like them. I want to worship their God.” May you be the success you’ve only dreamed of on your best days and in your finest hours. May Christ win in you … one step … one word … one moment at a time. May someone clearly see Jesus in you today … someone who needs a hero.



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