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You are perfect love

My Father –

I want to learn about love. I want to learn to give love and to receive love in every way that honors You.

I want to love You with my whole heart. I want to love my neighbor. I want to love myself. Sometimes, particularly in the past, I have had a hard time loving … especially myself. That has had a negative effect on my love for my neighbor and my love for You, but I want to learn.

I’m not afraid to learn from You. You are the Good Teacher … the Wonderful Counselor … the Perfect Guide. I am Your student. I am Your servant. I am Your child.

I know that You are perfect love, and I know that You love me. You truly love me.

Teach me … counsel me … forgive me … guide me … lead me … love me … never let me go.

All of my needs are filled in You, and from Your presence, I don’t want to move. I am praying to You, my Father, through Jesus’ holy name. Amen.



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