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May our Father’s work be your focus

Thank you for your patience over the past three months. Steve to Earth is created in my spare time, and I haven’t had much of that for quite a while. I’ve also struggled with the direction I want to go with the site in 2007. I would appreciate your prayers in that regard. Simple is usually best, so I’ll kick off 2007 with three short blessings from recent e-mails to friends.

» May our Father’s work and your role in it always be your focus … your vision … your heart’s purest desire … when the path ahead is crystal clear … and when every veiled inch ahead of you requires a great step of faith.

» May your future be filled with many bridge-building opportunities. In your most difficult relationships, may you … and those you struggle with … discover that your desire to honor Jesus by helping others is much more important to you than competing for the right to control the relationship. May our Father lead you to all the right bridges, and may He give you the courage to cross each of them … with grace … and dignity … fully trusting in Him.

» May our Father bless you with spiritual shepherds who will hold your heart … feed your soul … and nurture your faith … in a spirit of compassion … encouragement … and love … as perfect imitators of the Great Shepherd … Jesus.


May Jesus be your only focus

May Jesus be your only focus … the vision of every good thing that you desire to be. May you see your world … your family … yourself … through His caring, compassionate eyes.

May each of your days be expertly composed … perfectly exposed … beautifully framed … in the Creator’s gentle hands. May He smile as He observes them hanging in the gallery of the mansion that He has reserved just for you. May they fill Him with eager anticipation for the day that He will meet you face to face … His child … His masterpiece … the one and only … the original … the unique … the beautiful soul that is you.

Until then, may He call your heart to come and be more than you can even dream, and may there be no boundaries to your dreams.


May our Father create in you a beautiful garden

May our Father … the Gardener … come to you in the cool of the day. May He see your potential … all that you can become … and may His vision of you become a reality. May He lovingly remove the weeds, the hardpan and the rubble. May He amend and cultivate the tired and weary soil of your heart … replacing the compaction and the lifeless clods with a generous infusion of His life-giving blessings … perfectly blended to create a holy and healthy plot of ground … pliable, workable and receptive to the seeds and seedlings that He has anticipated planting there.

May the roots of His planting sink deeply into the reaches of your heart … gathering every spiritual nourishment and the living water that so generously flows when the One Who first dreamed of gardens delights in tending yours. May His resources supply abundant growth to every plant … annual and perennial … large and small … that graces your humble borders.

May His strength be the rock that lies before you … deflecting the heavy rains and the hail. May His love surround your tender growth like a blanket … nurturing each growing talent and gift … and suppressing the germination of every unholy thought … every careless word … and every destructive deed. In His grace, may He skillfully and judiciously pinch and prune each wayward branch and every unruly stem … till they grow strong and hang heavy with abundant, sweet fruit.

May you brighten your little corner of the world and bring great joy to the One Who thought of you … designed you … and daily brings out the very best in you. May you finally understand your purpose. May you rejoice as you feel the value you’ve always dreamed of. May you find your esteem in His smile of satisfaction … His nod of approval … His continual care. May our Father create in you a beautiful garden … where a beautiful garden has never grown before.



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