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May you bring Christ to the party

May what you do today set the stage for many wonderful ministry opportunities in the future. May your resistance to temptation give courage to the heart of a stranger … a classmate … a friend … for many years to come.

May your “no” to Satan be an echoing “yes” to Christ in your own life and in the lives of all the people you encounter. May your daily spiritual walk be a pleasant and uplifting song to those who observe you … sweet music that is savored and joyfully sung … even when your paths are separated by great spans of time and many miles.

May you pause today to remember the importance … the beauty … the magnitude … of a moment that honors the Living God.

May the lonely find solace and friendship in your voice and in your smile. May the desperate discover hope through your consistent faith. May the outcast find acceptance in your impartial love.

May Jesus turn your weaknesses into sources of great strength. May your critics be at a loss for words. May they marvel at your relationship with your Maker … at the story He is writing through you.

Many years from now, in some unsuspecting moment, may someone remember the working faith they saw in you today. May they call you aside and request your spiritual leadership, and may you bring Christ to the party in a way that no one else can … in a way you never could have imagined.

May the spiritual seeds you sow today produce an abundant harvest at just the right point in time according to our Father’s perfect plan and His sovereign will.


May Jesus be your greatest Friend

May your days on this earth be filled with many brothers …

… wise men sent by our Father to help you shoulder the load … to strengthen your faith … to mentor … to guide … to nurture your growing soul.

… equals sent to challenge you in your spiritual walk … to help you multiply your talents … to encourage your heart and refresh your spirit when the world would overwhelm you.

… youths to look up to you in admiration … to feed your inner hero … to remind you of your incredible value … and importance … and worth in this world and in the world to come.

May you find that the necessary load that comes along with these friendships … never weighs you down. May they not be heavy … may they be your brothers.

May Jesus be your greatest Friend … your truest Brother. May He never be a burden for you to bear.



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