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A segmented vessel

My old jeans, oversized t-shirt and thick, textured jac-shirt were the perfect match for the cool, moist Saturday morning weather. The wind was picking up, and the skies were promising rain. A whole hour had been reserved to feed my inner artist. He knew it, and he was thrilled. He’s energized by ideas, and he and I agreed that a trip to the Fine Arts Center would be the perfect source of inspiration that we needed.

Inner artists don’t like to be hurried, so I didn’t rush as I made my way across town. I had no troubles finding a parking space, and I relished inhaling several deep breaths of the moisture-rich breeze as I approached the entrance. Inside it was quiet … spacious … and warm. As I signed in, the docent informed me that the two main exhibit halls were closed because they were between shows, but that the other sections of the Center were open for viewing.

Almost before she had finished speaking, it caught my eye. It was the first thing I noticed, and it was beautiful. It was a two-toned handmade wooden jar. It was symmetrical … smooth … exquisite. From a distance I assumed it was made from a single block of wood and painted with three decorative horizontal stripes. Upon closer inspection, I was amazed to discover the complexity of its structure. It was actually composed of a large quantity of small pieces of wood. The pieces of lighter color were Maple … the darker ones were Purple Heart. A skilled carpenter had painstakingly assembled them into a stunning work of art … both useful and attractive. It was descriptively titled “Segmented Vessel 2.” I stood for a long time … studying this intricate, fascinating, artistic piece. That was all it took. My inner artist was fed, and I was inspired. Later that day the rains came … and I sat quietly and began to write … to you.

May the King of Carpenters gently gather the disparate segments of your life … the odd, seemingly useless pieces … the leftover fragments … and forgotten scraps. May the touch of His hand redeem them … softening the rough edges … smoothing the damaged surfaces … refreshing the brittle grains with rich oils. May He lovingly assemble each segment … seamlessly reconcile each isolated piece … and with the precision that only a loving God could possess, may He fashion your broken, lonely life into a Masterpiece … a holy vessel … decorated and inlaid with a purple heart … expertly designed and dedicated for daily service in His hands. May you be “Segmented Vessel 1.”



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