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You invented perfect forgiveness

Teacher and Great Forgiver –

I thank You … I praise You … I stand in awe of You.

You forgive perfectly. You thought of it. You created it. You invented perfect forgiveness. Only You can teach it correctly.

Instruct me, Wonderful Counselor, how to forgive and how to repent. Show me through Your Word … Your perfect Word. I want to forgive freely and generously.

Keep me from bitterness and grudges. Remind me that vengeance … all vengeance … belongs to You and You alone. Help me to hate … truly hate … all forms of sin … in my own life … and in the lives of others, but at the same time, please help me to love … deeply love … those who sin.

Grant me wisdom to see souls as You see them, and grace to treat them as You treat me … blessing those who are hostile to You, and having great compassion on those whose hearts are tender … moldable … and receptive to You and Your forgiving heart.

May the forgiveness that flows from me be all for … and only for … the glory of Your holy name.

I offer these requests through my Master and King, Jesus. Amen.


Be it unto me according to Your Word

To the One Who sees and loves my heart –

I am amazed at how You work. As I read Your Word, I am thrilled that You use ordinary people to work Your will and Your way, for I am very ordinary … very sinful. However, You are bigger … and greater … than my sin.

I know that I don’t have to earn the right to be included in Your plan with fancy abilities. I just have to be available … wholly available.

Here I am, Lord! Mold me. Shape me. Use me for the glory of Your holy name. Be it unto me according to Your Word, oh Lord. I trust You with my life … with my future … with my eternity.

You have prepared a feast for me in the midst of my enemies. You have given me life. I give my life back to You. Only You can make it beautiful. Lord, make me like You. I’m praying through Your risen Son, Jesus. Amen.


Defeat in me every evil intention

Lord of perfect justice and flawless judgment –

I believe Your Word. I believe in You. I believe there is nothing too complex or too difficult for You. You can right every wrong in my life. You can forgive my sin and replace it with righteousness and holiness. You can restore my soul.

I believe You listen to me, and I believe that my words are heard. I know that You hate sin. I know that You hate sin in me. Please destroy my sin, Father … but please do not destroy me. I am nothing compared to You.

Defeat in me every evil intention … every vile thought … every derogatory word … every unholy action … every selfish plan … everything hostile to You … and wash me clean, pure and holy … in the healing blood of Your Son, Jesus.

You have chosen me and prepared good works for me. Lead me gently, Great Shepherd, in a life that honors You. You can, because nothing is too hard for You. Hear my cry, oh Lord, through Jesus. Amen.



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