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May your pain connect you to His pain

May you learn from your pain. May it connect you to Jesus through paths that sunny days and cheerful moments never tread.

When you are rejected by those you need love from the most, may it be called to your remembrance that “a prophet is not without honor, except in his own country, and among his own kin and in his own house.”

When you’ve given all you can give, and it’s still not enough, and it’s still not good enough, may you remember the pressing crowds … filled with endless needs … who sought Him from morning till night.

When the whole world is talking, and all you need is someone to listen, may you remember the moonlight on the mountain … and may you steal away to that quiet place above the noise of this world where our Father yearns to hear every burden … every care … every primal cry that bubbles up from your broken heart.

When the smiles to your face turn to whispers behind your back, may you feel that cold kiss of betrayal in the garden.

When those whom you thought were friends leave you helpless and vulnerable in the presence of your enemies, may you feel His loneliness as the disciples flee in fear.

When you are wrongfully accused by those who have committed the transgression, may you hear the angry mob cry, “Crucify!”

When you are underqualified … overqualified … and disqualified … may you recall that nothing … absolutely nothing … can separate you from His love.

When the critics and fault-finders work overtime to expose and exploit the chinks in your armor in efforts to hide their own glaring inadequacies, may His truths reassure you that your struggle is not against flesh and blood.

When those who have the power to build you up choose rather to tear you down, may you humble yourself in His presence, and may He lift you up … higher than any power on this planet can lift you.

When those with sin are jockeying to be the first to throw a stone at you, may He silence your accusers and set you free.

When the whole world is against you, may you remember that they were against Him first. Jesus has been where you are. He’s there right now … His wounded hand resting firmly yet gently on your shoulder … His heart beating next to yours. He’s hurting with you because He understands what it means to hurt in this world.

May your pain connect you to His pain. May it help you to appreciate Jesus like you’ve never appreciated Him before. May it help you take your eyes off of yourself and teach you to hurt with Him.



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