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May you bring Christ to the party

May what you do today set the stage for many wonderful ministry opportunities in the future. May your resistance to temptation give courage to the heart of a stranger … a classmate … a friend … for many years to come.

May your “no” to Satan be an echoing “yes” to Christ in your own life and in the lives of all the people you encounter. May your daily spiritual walk be a pleasant and uplifting song to those who observe you … sweet music that is savored and joyfully sung … even when your paths are separated by great spans of time and many miles.

May you pause today to remember the importance … the beauty … the magnitude … of a moment that honors the Living God.

May the lonely find solace and friendship in your voice and in your smile. May the desperate discover hope through your consistent faith. May the outcast find acceptance in your impartial love.

May Jesus turn your weaknesses into sources of great strength. May your critics be at a loss for words. May they marvel at your relationship with your Maker … at the story He is writing through you.

Many years from now, in some unsuspecting moment, may someone remember the working faith they saw in you today. May they call you aside and request your spiritual leadership, and may you bring Christ to the party in a way that no one else can … in a way you never could have imagined.

May the spiritual seeds you sow today produce an abundant harvest at just the right point in time according to our Father’s perfect plan and His sovereign will.


I prayed for you today

I prayed for you today. I didn’t just think kind thoughts about you or flippantly release empty words into the air.

I spoke with the Living God … the very God that I struggle with in relationship daily … the Father Who nurtures my spirit … even when I resist and run away … the Creator of mornings … and mighty men … and memories … the Composer of the joyful songs of the earth … and the harmonies of the angels … the Author of the greatest story ever told … Who adds to its pages daily … the Brave and Gentle Hero Who would rather die for us than leave us alone in our sin.

I spoke to Him.

I asked that He give you strength and grace to be Jesus to the world … a beacon of hope to those who cannot find their way. I asked that He calm you and fill you with His Holy Spirit. I asked that He give you confidence … and humility. I asked that He teach you from His vast supply of wisdom so that you may speak His truth.

I asked Him to love you the way He has loved me … a love unearned … undeserved … a love that covers a multitude of sins … a love that only a Living God can give.

I believe He listened.

May you feel His Spirit nurturing your spirit … and when you enter the world today … may you find Him there waiting for you … anticipating your arrival … already answering a faith-filled, fervent prayer … prayed especially for you.


May you thrive in His steadfast love

May our Father continually shower you with every spiritual blessing and with that mix of material blessings perfectly suited to your needs and your faith and your ministry. Each time you encounter a soul in need of healing, may you minister to them with confidence and humility.

May your heart be tuned to only hear the voice of the Living God. May no distraction ever drown out His words. May no person or thing ever cloud your vision of Him.

May He remind you … over and over again … that you are His child … and that you were created to live in relationship with Him. May the relationship that develops between the two of you be peaceful … harmonious … and unshakable. May you thrive in His steadfast love.



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