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May you take some time for yourself

» May our Father be filled with great joy as He considers your pure, sincere heart and your active faith, and may He bless you with a rich blend of spiritual gifts perfectly designed to reconcile many souls to Himself through Jesus while gently guiding you to abundant life … both here and in the life to come.

» I’m praying that your faith … your friendship … and your fun will fashion today into a fabulous experience for every fortunate soul who finds themselves in your company. May you give them your best … may you give Him your best … and may you take some time for yourself to do something you love.

» May Jesus’ presence in your heart be warm and bright … peaceful and filled with promise. May you be encouraged and comforted that the crucified and risen King has come to live victoriously in you.


May you find your completion in Christ

Three mini-blessings from e-mails to friends:

» May you have a great … Christ-honoring … weekend.

» May you metabolize your injury into art.

» May you feel the firm but gentle grip of His hand on your shoulder … His sweet breath that gives you life … His joy that you’ve chosen to spend your life introducing others to Him. May He fill that Jesus-shaped hole in your heart, and may you find the completion you’ve always longed for … only in Him.


May you be a blessing to our Father

May you be a blessing to our Father today. May you be the source of His smile … the upward turn of His lips … the inward sinking of His dimples … His delightful lyrics and melody … His quiet song amid the crush of requests and pleas and demands.

May the joy … the happiness … the wave of refreshment that you bring to Him be reflected in His eyes … in the sparkle … the twinkle … the release of tears born of joy. May you be His calm thoughts … His quiet place … His oasis in a chaotic spiritual war that rages beyond anything we can imagine.

May He see His creation … His faithful child … your sincere heart … your compassionate spirit … and may He remember and speak those ancient words once again, “It is good … it is very good!”



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