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May you never doubt His love

They say that less is more. Here are three short blessings from e-mails I’ve written to people I love.

» May Jesus transform your weaknesses into the sources of your greatest ministries.

» May you feel the Holy Spirit this week. May He strengthen and comfort you as you live to honor Jesus. May you thrive in His friendship the way our Father intended.

» May you trust Jesus with your future and your heart. May you never doubt His love. May He work through you in tender and powerful ways to reconcile lost and hurting souls to His soul.


May His Holy Spirit fall gently upon your soul

I stayed up late to watch the snow fall Friday night. I love snow! The world becomes quiet when it snows. Harsh lines are smoothed and softened. Even unattractive and commonplace things are transformed into objects of artistic beauty when dressed in a fresh coat of fluffy snow.

Every wavy branch … each twisting curve … of every mesquite tree greeted the sparkling Saturday morning sunshine with a delicate tracing of soft ribbons of purest white. May Jesus so transform your world.

May His Holy Spirit fall gently upon your soul, surrounding you with peace. May your weakest vulnerabilities … your greatest temptations … succumb to His protective blanket of goodness … patience … and faithfulness.

May even your most mundane and frustrating moments be etched with joy … kindness … and self-control. May gentleness and love accumulate softly upon your tender spirit and your healing heart.

May you feel His Spirit. May you drink deeply of His grace. May He light the fire in your soul, and may you be the sweet aroma of Christ to everyone you meet … as you follow in His footsteps each day … and as you offer warmth and peace to a cold and chaotic world.

May you be as white as snow in His eyes.


I prayed for you today

I prayed for you today. I didn’t just think kind thoughts about you or flippantly release empty words into the air.

I spoke with the Living God … the very God that I struggle with in relationship daily … the Father Who nurtures my spirit … even when I resist and run away … the Creator of mornings … and mighty men … and memories … the Composer of the joyful songs of the earth … and the harmonies of the angels … the Author of the greatest story ever told … Who adds to its pages daily … the Brave and Gentle Hero Who would rather die for us than leave us alone in our sin.

I spoke to Him.

I asked that He give you strength and grace to be Jesus to the world … a beacon of hope to those who cannot find their way. I asked that He calm you and fill you with His Holy Spirit. I asked that He give you confidence … and humility. I asked that He teach you from His vast supply of wisdom so that you may speak His truth.

I asked Him to love you the way He has loved me … a love unearned … undeserved … a love that covers a multitude of sins … a love that only a Living God can give.

I believe He listened.

May you feel His Spirit nurturing your spirit … and when you enter the world today … may you find Him there waiting for you … anticipating your arrival … already answering a faith-filled, fervent prayer … prayed especially for you.


I can do nothing without You

Great Provider –

Every success I experience or know is only because of You … because You are with me and have chosen to bless me. With every success, help me to remain humble and thankful.

When I experience failures and disappointments, You are still with me. I believe that. Joseph believed that. Thank You for his wonderful example! Please give me strength to, like him, give You all of the glory for every good thing.

You are Your own interpreter. Rather than getting sidetracked with my own interpretations, give me wisdom and grace, Lord, to simply read Your Word, believe it and obey it. I never want to complicate Your simple truth with my vain opinions.

I can do nothing without You. You can do anything and everything without me, yet You want to be with me. That makes me feel valuable. That gives me purpose.

Fill me with Your beautiful Holy Spirit of grace. Please hear my prayer through Jesus. Amen.


May His words flow through you

May the words of the Holy Spirit of Christ flow through you like mighty waters. May He be your Source … your Unending Supply. May the fullness of His wise counsel come to you clearly and unobstructed.

May He fill your hours and your minutes with rich experiences and easily-communicated illustrations … word pictures and parables … a healthy variety of spiritual foods to refresh and sustain the broken hearts and wounded souls of many weary pilgrims.

May your daily exchanges … all of your verbal expressions … every sentence … each carefully chosen word … be founded on truth and wrapped in a mantle of love. May you listen intently at the Master’s feet, and may you share your rich knowledge with great compassion … courage … and joy.

May you know when to dismiss the crowds and steal away to a quiet place … to be still and know that He is God … that He is your God … that He loves you deeply … and that He delights in each moment spent alone with you. In those times, may He refresh you so that the words of the Holy Spirit of Christ may flow through you like mighty waters.


In Your image

My Creator –

You created Adam. You created me. Thank You for thinking of me … planning me … designing me … molding me … perfectly … in Your image. I am honored. I am awed.

Your design … Your work … is perfect. I am very pleased with the way You made me. I will use this body … this mind … and this soul … for Your glory.

You were in the beginning. You are now. You will be forever. You are the great I AM!

Father, you clothed Adam and Eve. Please clothe me with Your righteousness … Your holiness … Your love … Your peace. Clothe me with Your Holy Son … Jesus. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit. Insulate me. Set me apart for Your service.

I’m here to serve. I’m here to obey. I love You, and I am praying to You … only through Jesus. Amen.


Mission Statement

I learned the value of mission statements in 1997. Now that my values and goals are written down and easily accessible, I find it easier to make wise decisions about how to conduct myself in life. Even my unwise decisions are easier to correct when I read my own mission statement because I am reminded of what is truly important to me in this life and in the life to come. If you choose to write one, just be honest about who you are and who you want to be.

Steve’s Mission Statement written in 1997 »

“I am Steve … perfectly created by the Holy, Living God. He is my Father, and I am His son. He speaks to me through His Word, and I speak to Him through prayer. I am a sinner, washed clean through baptism by the blood of Jesus Christ and filled with His Holy Spirit. My relationship with Jesus is the most important thing in my life, and my purpose, my esteem, my value, my sense of worth and my inspiration come solely from Him.

I live in a way that honors my Creator. I humbly accept my successes and gracefully accept responsibility for my failures. I compare myself to no one. I am a good steward of the spiritual, mental, social, emotional and physical blessings that flow to me from my Father, and I live each day of my life as a gift to Him. I approve and champion behavior that honors Jesus, yet I treat all men with dignity and respect.

I am content with the simple things in life, and I have my hope set on eternal life with my Lord. I am sincerely thankful. I pray fervently. I smile joyfully. I laugh heartily. I sing with my whole heart. I listen intently. I learn enthusiastically. I grow continually. I love God. I love others. I love myself.

I pursue qualities that are befitting of a respectful son, a loving husband, a nurturing father and a faithful friend. I am Steve, and through me, Jesus impacts the world to His glory. This is who I am. This is who I am becoming. This is who I want to be. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for leading the way!”



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