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May you return to the manger

Just when you think you really know Jesus, may you return to the manger. May you quietly kneel beside His humble bed of hay and straw. May you inhale the same cool, nighttime air that He is breathing … dusty … thick with the aromas of cattle, donkeys and sheep.

May you lovingly smooth the soft hair scattered upon His brow … the very brow destined to be crowned with thorns for the sins of countless people … including your own. May your ears resonate with the sweet gurgles and coos from His tender lips … precursors to the greatest teachings the world will ever know.

May His tiny fingers gently grasp your finger as you reach to lift Him to your shoulder and hold Him warmly and securely … the way He has so often held you. May you feel the beat of His heart in unison with your own … pulsing with the precious, pure blood that will be shed to bring healing to a world gone mad.

As you place Him in His mother’s loving arms, may you gaze into the eyes of the One Who can see into your very soul … the One Who believed that the greatest story ever told would only be complete when you became part of it.

May you let yourself know Him like you’ve never known Him before. May you love Him in His vulnerability … in His humanity … in His journey to become just like you … so that you may become just like Him.



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