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May His Holy Spirit fall gently upon your soul

I stayed up late to watch the snow fall Friday night. I love snow! The world becomes quiet when it snows. Harsh lines are smoothed and softened. Even unattractive and commonplace things are transformed into objects of artistic beauty when dressed in a fresh coat of fluffy snow.

Every wavy branch … each twisting curve … of every mesquite tree greeted the sparkling Saturday morning sunshine with a delicate tracing of soft ribbons of purest white. May Jesus so transform your world.

May His Holy Spirit fall gently upon your soul, surrounding you with peace. May your weakest vulnerabilities … your greatest temptations … succumb to His protective blanket of goodness … patience … and faithfulness.

May even your most mundane and frustrating moments be etched with joy … kindness … and self-control. May gentleness and love accumulate softly upon your tender spirit and your healing heart.

May you feel His Spirit. May you drink deeply of His grace. May He light the fire in your soul, and may you be the sweet aroma of Christ to everyone you meet … as you follow in His footsteps each day … and as you offer warmth and peace to a cold and chaotic world.

May you be as white as snow in His eyes.


May you be a good steward of His story

May our Father bless you as you share the greatest story of all. May your role in that story and your passionate delivery of its details be rich … warm … sincere.

May your intimate relationship with Jesus catch someone by surprise … kindle a rich, golden glow in their dimly lit heart … open their eyes to spiritual possibilities that have seemed at best distant and unattainable.

May you bring warmth to a cold and weary world. May you light someone’s darkness.

May those who listen find themselves relaxed … relieved … filled with hope. May their souls be fully engaged … their ears hungry to hear more … their hearts eager to be introduced to the Son of Man … the Son of God … the forgiving Jesus … full of grace.

May they find themselves repeating every word and imitating every move of the One Who speaks through you. May you bring them into the healing presence of Jesus, and may He write His story on the pages of their hearts.


May you abandon tolerance for the higher calling of love

May you be filled with wisdom … extending grace to those trapped in the web of sin … abandoning tolerance for the higher calling of love.

May you be humble … in attitude and in action … trusting the Living God to lift you higher than you could ever lift yourself.

May you be salt … lightly sprinkled … enhancing the flavor of life for everyone you encounter.

May you be light … soft and warm … illuminating the darkened paths of lost and lonely souls.

May you be like a child … innocent in evil ways … and quick to forgive.

May you be quick to listen … slow to speak … slow to anger.

May you become more like Jesus every day … with each step of faith … with each beat of your heart … with each breath of precious air.

May you discover your identity in His fathomless friendship and His truly amazing grace.


May you be your own best student

Great students become great teachers. May you be your own best student.

May your tongue accurately articulate the words it learns from His Holy Spirit. May your lips deliver those words with sincere love and compassion … with gentleness and pure intentions.

May your eyes see with clear vision the souls behind the makeup and the masks. May your heart bid them come to Christ … may it respond to its own invitation.

May your spirit sing … calling them to a rich relationship with Jesus … may it be the first to find the path to His home. May your soul lay aside every weight … every care … every anxiety … in preparation to give … to forgive … may it be the first to taste that sweet release … that reconciliation … that holy embrace.

May your whole being delight in the great treasure of being His child … of the bold approach … of the humble kneeling … of the raising of the scepter at your arrival … of the privilege of studying at the feet of the Master … your Father. May you be a fabulous student of His … and may your desire for His wisdom never cease.

This is my prayer for you as you grace your world with the good news of the One Who is grace.


May you live for an audience of One

May your greatest moments be those where you enter His courts with nothing but an honest admission of who you are … really are down deep … and an humble request that He re-create you in His image. May He fulfill your requests beyond anything you can ask or imagine. May He re-establish … rebuild … rekindle … everything good in you that Satan tries so cleverly to erode … tear down … and snuff out.

May your most vulnerable moments in our Father’s presence be your most successful. May those moments reveal in you a new child … a child after God’s own heart.

May you seek Him … run to Him … when you are your most unlovable … when you deserve His mercy the least. May His grace cover and amaze you. May you never forget that nothing … absolutely nothing … can ever separate you from His incredible love.

May you live for an audience of One today in your little corner of the world.



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