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Boomerang Blessings

One of the richest rewards of creating this web site is what I call “Boomerang Blessings” … the blessings that return to me through your e-mails. I read and re-read them. A few of them are listed below.

» May you be blessed in increasing measure as you seek to love and encourage others.

» The Imagine blessing was probably one of the best things you’ve ever written. The reminder of the end of our story and of being with Jesus hit me right where I needed it to. It is so easy to get caught in the minutia of daily activities, but being reminded of something so much bigger than this world … something that exceeds the pain, the criticism, the lows and gives a sense of assurance that all that we are doing is worthwhile and meaningful … you tapped into an immeasurable resource, the everlasting life that comes through Jesus. May that source sustain you in the highs and lows, in the joys and the depression, the smiles and the tears, the regrets and the frets.

» May this website be like a tree planted by streams of water – a tree that even in cultural drought, endlessly provides fruit for the soul.

» I pray that you will be a literary hero to someone through your website. I know that your words give warmth in a world that is often cold, and I pray that they continue to do the same.

» May God bless you for putting His name before the world on the web!

» God bless you with this endeavor as you seek fully His will.

» The world seeks out kind hearts, may it never break your spirit, may this website always breathe new life into Christendom.

» May you always have the peace in your heart that allows such beautiful language to burst forth onto these pages and into the hearts of those of us who view them.

» May the Lord bless you and your ministry!

» May you and your site glorify the Lord always.

Thank you!


May you see Him everywhere you go

I hope you had a wonderful day.

I enjoyed a relaxed evening after work.

I met my family at my parents’ place and spent a few quiet hours working a 3,000 piece puzzle with my mother.

Driving home, flashes of lightning from distant thunderstorms lit up the northwestern horizon.

I stood in my front yard for a few minutes and watched the stars. They were incredibly clear tonight. One streaked across the southern sky.

The Milky Way was flowing directly overhead … bright and beautiful.

I was still … and knew … that He is God … and I am His.

You are too.

Everywhere you go, may you see Him.


I trust You with my life

God of Might –

You are the Living God … the Almighty God. You can do anything, and You are doing great and wonderful things in my life right now.

I humble myself before You. Lord, please lift me up. Only You know how high I should be lifted, and no one can lift me higher than You.

I trust You with my life … with all of my life. You are faithful. You are steadfast. I know You hear me.

Father, multiply my freedom in Jesus. Free me from sin … from my old life … from anything and everything that is hostile to You. You can do it! Your hand is mighty.

I love to worship You. Please help me speak, and teach me what to say as I worship You and as I confess You before men.

You have never failed me. You have lifted me up in the presence of my enemies. Thank You, Father. Through the name of Jesus, I thank You. Amen.


My whole esteem flows from You

Unchanging God –

It has been a beautiful day. I thank You … I praise You … for giving me life, health and energy. I thank You for giving me things to do and people to encourage and love.

Thank You for filling me with purpose and value. My whole esteem flows from You … not from me … but from You. I am valuable. I am valuable because I am created and loved by You.

I’ll never get lost in the millions and billions of people on this planet, Lord. You love me, and nothing can separate me from Your steadfast love. Everywhere I can be, Your power is there.

Every gift … every talent I have comes from You. You have been very generous. Thank You!

You are changing me daily, and I know that I am everything I am because You love me. Thank You for loving me. Thank You for adopting me, Father.

You are God. You are the unchanging God. You are my God. I don’t want any other god. I’m praying through Jesus. Amen.


Lead me gently back to You

God of my heart –

There was a time when You were grieved that You had made man on the earth, and Your heart was filled with pain.

I love Your heart. Your heart is perfect, and yet I know at times I fill Your heart with pain. I turn my eyes away from Jesus, and I look at the pleasures of this world … and I am enticed … and I hurt You … and I hurt me … and I hurt … and Your perfect heart hurts because of me.

I don’t want to hurt You, Lord. You never hurt me.

Lead me gently back to You. Discipline me, Lord. Correct me, but please correct me in Your mercy … and not in Your wrath … for I would be destroyed.

I am not destroyed because of Your steadfast love.

I have sinned against You and You only, and I am ashamed. Refine me, Father. Make me holy so that Your heart will delight in me the way my heart delights in You.

I love You, and I am praying through Your perfect Son, Jesus. Amen.



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