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May you fall in love with Him

May you fall in love with our Father … just the way He is. No stipulations … no buts … no conditions. May you see beyond all of your preconceived ideas … your wishes … your desires … of what you might imagine Him to be.

May the very Truth that He is emerge in your vision … unavoidable … crystal clear. May you understand as you have never understood before.

May everything that is you give way to everything that is Him. May you find yourself immersed in His steadfast love … His just discipline … His amazing grace … His obsession with all things holy … His fixation on all things righteous.

May His will be your one desire … may He be your One Thing.

May you see Him everywhere you go, and may the trivia you have gathered of Him become utterly lost in warm … intimate … holy … friendship … Teacher and disciple … sinner and Savior … Father and child. And may you be assured over and over again that of everything you know of Him … He is immeasurably more.

May your discovery of the mystery that is our God be an incredible journey from here to eternity. May you be accepted and fully forgiven through the risen, living Jesus.



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