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I can do nothing without You

Great Provider –

Every success I experience or know is only because of You … because You are with me and have chosen to bless me. With every success, help me to remain humble and thankful.

When I experience failures and disappointments, You are still with me. I believe that. Joseph believed that. Thank You for his wonderful example! Please give me strength to, like him, give You all of the glory for every good thing.

You are Your own interpreter. Rather than getting sidetracked with my own interpretations, give me wisdom and grace, Lord, to simply read Your Word, believe it and obey it. I never want to complicate Your simple truth with my vain opinions.

I can do nothing without You. You can do anything and everything without me, yet You want to be with me. That makes me feel valuable. That gives me purpose.

Fill me with Your beautiful Holy Spirit of grace. Please hear my prayer through Jesus. Amen.


Defeat in me every evil intention

Lord of perfect justice and flawless judgment –

I believe Your Word. I believe in You. I believe there is nothing too complex or too difficult for You. You can right every wrong in my life. You can forgive my sin and replace it with righteousness and holiness. You can restore my soul.

I believe You listen to me, and I believe that my words are heard. I know that You hate sin. I know that You hate sin in me. Please destroy my sin, Father … but please do not destroy me. I am nothing compared to You.

Defeat in me every evil intention … every vile thought … every derogatory word … every unholy action … every selfish plan … everything hostile to You … and wash me clean, pure and holy … in the healing blood of Your Son, Jesus.

You have chosen me and prepared good works for me. Lead me gently, Great Shepherd, in a life that honors You. You can, because nothing is too hard for You. Hear my cry, oh Lord, through Jesus. Amen.



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