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May you see Him everywhere you go

I hope you had a wonderful day.

I enjoyed a relaxed evening after work.

I met my family at my parents’ place and spent a few quiet hours working a 3,000 piece puzzle with my mother.

Driving home, flashes of lightning from distant thunderstorms lit up the northwestern horizon.

I stood in my front yard for a few minutes and watched the stars. They were incredibly clear tonight. One streaked across the southern sky.

The Milky Way was flowing directly overhead … bright and beautiful.

I was still … and knew … that He is God … and I am His.

You are too.

Everywhere you go, may you see Him.


May His words flow through you

May the words of the Holy Spirit of Christ flow through you like mighty waters. May He be your Source … your Unending Supply. May the fullness of His wise counsel come to you clearly and unobstructed.

May He fill your hours and your minutes with rich experiences and easily-communicated illustrations … word pictures and parables … a healthy variety of spiritual foods to refresh and sustain the broken hearts and wounded souls of many weary pilgrims.

May your daily exchanges … all of your verbal expressions … every sentence … each carefully chosen word … be founded on truth and wrapped in a mantle of love. May you listen intently at the Master’s feet, and may you share your rich knowledge with great compassion … courage … and joy.

May you know when to dismiss the crowds and steal away to a quiet place … to be still and know that He is God … that He is your God … that He loves you deeply … and that He delights in each moment spent alone with you. In those times, may He refresh you so that the words of the Holy Spirit of Christ may flow through you like mighty waters.



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