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It Takes a Village

“It takes a village to build a web site.” Thank you, Vince, for that inspiring statement. Steve to Earth is a much better place thanks to the wise counsel of many good friends.

It has also taken a village to build my life. The list below provides just a glimpse into the priceless contributions made by some incredible people who bring out a better Steve in me than I ever dreamed possible. You feed my inner hero. Thank you …

Blu …

for believing in me more than I believe in myself … for envisioning a web site in my future and for encouraging me every step of the way from its inception to its reality. Your friendship makes me a better man.

Julia …

for writing the book The Right to Write which taught me how to give myself permission to pursue the things I’m passionate about, and for the knowledge (from page 97) that when I commit my thoughts to paper, I send a strong and clear message that what I am writing about and whom I am writing to matters.

David …

for sharing your heart through music and writing … for writing about love every day for a year on your web site … for encouraging me to bless others with my words. I’ll never write the same again.

Luke …

for your wonderful combination of faith, friendship and fun … for letting your inbox serve as a classroom for me to experiment in and learn new ways to communicate Christ’s love … for encouraging everything creative in me … for letting Jesus work through you to shape a ministry in me that I’ve been seeking for years. Without you, Steve to Earth would still just be a dream.

Brady & Donna …

for challenging me in my relationship with Jesus and expecting the same from me in return … those two qualities form the incredible foundation of true friendship … for feeding my heart … for energy from ideas … for looking at me through the eyes of Jesus and for nurturing my tender soul.

Steve to Earth Site Testers …

for your patience with my clumsy design attempts … for your honest, loving feedback … and for helping me view this site through the eyes of the user. Your contributions have made Steve to Earth a richer, warmer and more comfortable place to visit than I could ever have imagined.

to be continued …


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