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Lead me gently back to You

God of my heart –

There was a time when You were grieved that You had made man on the earth, and Your heart was filled with pain.

I love Your heart. Your heart is perfect, and yet I know at times I fill Your heart with pain. I turn my eyes away from Jesus, and I look at the pleasures of this world … and I am enticed … and I hurt You … and I hurt me … and I hurt … and Your perfect heart hurts because of me.

I don’t want to hurt You, Lord. You never hurt me.

Lead me gently back to You. Discipline me, Lord. Correct me, but please correct me in Your mercy … and not in Your wrath … for I would be destroyed.

I am not destroyed because of Your steadfast love.

I have sinned against You and You only, and I am ashamed. Refine me, Father. Make me holy so that Your heart will delight in me the way my heart delights in You.

I love You, and I am praying through Your perfect Son, Jesus. Amen.


Teach me Your song

Powerful God –

I need You. I need You more than the air that I breathe and the food that I eat. I could possess every great thing, but without You, it would all be nothing. Every day … every moment … every breath is a gift from You. Every fiber of my being is sustained by You.

You have composed my life, and what You have done is very good. Thank You for filling my life with song … with Your song. You are the Great Composer … the Author of song … the Creator of music. What a wonderful gift.

I love to sing. The composing of songs for Your glory and praise will never end because Your song never ends. Teach me Your song, my Father and Teacher. Fill my heart with Your words and Your melody, and tune my lips for praise.

I love to sing of You. I love to sing to You. Please hear the song and the cry of my heart because every song I sing, I sing of You. I love You with my whole heart. I lift these words through Jesus. Amen.


Be it unto me according to Your Word

To the One Who sees and loves my heart –

I am amazed at how You work. As I read Your Word, I am thrilled that You use ordinary people to work Your will and Your way, for I am very ordinary … very sinful. However, You are bigger … and greater … than my sin.

I know that I don’t have to earn the right to be included in Your plan with fancy abilities. I just have to be available … wholly available.

Here I am, Lord! Mold me. Shape me. Use me for the glory of Your holy name. Be it unto me according to Your Word, oh Lord. I trust You with my life … with my future … with my eternity.

You have prepared a feast for me in the midst of my enemies. You have given me life. I give my life back to You. Only You can make it beautiful. Lord, make me like You. I’m praying through Your risen Son, Jesus. Amen.


I love everything about You

My Shepherd –

I love You. I love everything about You. My desire is to see Your face … to live in Your presence forever.

Help me to know You so well in this life that I will recognize You … know You … and be found hidden in You on the great and terrible day of judgment.

I do not question Your authority. I do not resent Your guidance or Your discipline. I rejoice that You are my Master and my King. I seek You. I love You. I want to be just like You.

Mold me. Break me. Change me. Discipline me. Shape me. Do whatever it takes in Your divine knowledge and will to perfect Your love in me … to teach me obedience to You … to purify my heart … to cleanse my soul … so that I may enter Your presence … pure, washed, clean and holy … Your servant … Your sheep … Your son.

I will follow You, my Father … my God.

Hear me through Jesus. Amen.


Defeat in me every evil intention

Lord of perfect justice and flawless judgment –

I believe Your Word. I believe in You. I believe there is nothing too complex or too difficult for You. You can right every wrong in my life. You can forgive my sin and replace it with righteousness and holiness. You can restore my soul.

I believe You listen to me, and I believe that my words are heard. I know that You hate sin. I know that You hate sin in me. Please destroy my sin, Father … but please do not destroy me. I am nothing compared to You.

Defeat in me every evil intention … every vile thought … every derogatory word … every unholy action … every selfish plan … everything hostile to You … and wash me clean, pure and holy … in the healing blood of Your Son, Jesus.

You have chosen me and prepared good works for me. Lead me gently, Great Shepherd, in a life that honors You. You can, because nothing is too hard for You. Hear my cry, oh Lord, through Jesus. Amen.


In Your image

My Creator –

You created Adam. You created me. Thank You for thinking of me … planning me … designing me … molding me … perfectly … in Your image. I am honored. I am awed.

Your design … Your work … is perfect. I am very pleased with the way You made me. I will use this body … this mind … and this soul … for Your glory.

You were in the beginning. You are now. You will be forever. You are the great I AM!

Father, you clothed Adam and Eve. Please clothe me with Your righteousness … Your holiness … Your love … Your peace. Clothe me with Your Holy Son … Jesus. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit. Insulate me. Set me apart for Your service.

I’m here to serve. I’m here to obey. I love You, and I am praying to You … only through Jesus. Amen.



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