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May you live by God’s definitions

There are two definitions of hypocrisy. Satan accusingly says that when you try to act righteous, you’re a hypocrite because you’re a sinner. God lovingly says that when you sin, you’re a hypocrite because you’re righteous.

May you never let the enemy define the words by which you live. May your language and your life be defined only by the Author of Life, and may you grant Him full access to freely write His words of life on your receptive, humble heart.


Inspiration: A lesson by Mike Wells of Abiding Life Ministries International

May it become your habit to reserve valuable time for Jesus

It’s easy to become like the people you spend time with … whether in person … through television … in books and movies … through texting … in music … or on the internet. You only get to live this life once, and you have a limited amount of time. May you spend it wisely.

May it become your habit … your practice … your delight and great joy … to reserve valuable time for Jesus and the people who encourage you to imitate Him.


Beautiful confidence

Beautiful confidence … that rare and elusive quality sought by many … mastered by few … not rooted in the pride and arrogance of this world … but flowing from a sincere spirit that has humbled itself before its God.

Its gentle strength refreshes … teaches … nurtures … builds up … and gives all glory to God.

May you discover the narrow passage … that low road … that leads to this treasure. May you humble yourself in the presence of the Lord … and with the wisdom and power that only a loving God can possess … may He lift you up to exactly where He needs you to be. He is able! He is more than able!


Inspiration: A conversation with my brother in Christ, Paul.

The greatest gift

Someone introduced you to Jesus … opening your eyes to the power and beauty of His love … setting you free from the burden of sin through His forgiveness … and giving you access to all the abundant riches found in Him. May you grasp the significance of that gift. May friendship with Jesus be the greatest gift you give to others in this life. May you be a generous and cheerful giver. (Philippians 4:19)


New, healthy directions

May you allow the Gospel to take you by the hand … and by the heart … and lead you in new, healthy directions.


May you walk humbly and happily by His side

May you never give anyone … including yourself … the power to control how you feel about yourself unless they have lived a perfect life and died on a cross because of their great love for you. You are who Jesus says you are. May you always walk humbly and happily by His side.


True friends

True friends … life’s most treasured gifts … and most elusive. Wanting them is easy … being one is hard. The best ones love Jesus more than they love themselves … more than they love you. They treat you the way Jesus treats them … always doing what is in your spiritual best interest.

They value the spiritual over the physical … the eternal over the temporary … your soul over your looks, your brains, your money, your popularity and your cool factor. As you travel through this life, may our Father bless you with a few true friends … and may He give you the grace and the strength to be one.


Thank you to Randi Thomas for this definition of love: “always doing what is in someone else’s spiritual best interest.” I had never heard it worded that way. That’s beautiful!

May you take some time for yourself

» May our Father be filled with great joy as He considers your pure, sincere heart and your active faith, and may He bless you with a rich blend of spiritual gifts perfectly designed to reconcile many souls to Himself through Jesus while gently guiding you to abundant life … both here and in the life to come.

» I’m praying that your faith … your friendship … and your fun will fashion today into a fabulous experience for every fortunate soul who finds themselves in your company. May you give them your best … may you give Him your best … and may you take some time for yourself to do something you love.

» May Jesus’ presence in your heart be warm and bright … peaceful and filled with promise. May you be encouraged and comforted that the crucified and risen King has come to live victoriously in you.


May our Father’s work be your focus

Thank you for your patience over the past three months. Steve to Earth is created in my spare time, and I haven’t had much of that for quite a while. I’ve also struggled with the direction I want to go with the site in 2007. I would appreciate your prayers in that regard. Simple is usually best, so I’ll kick off 2007 with three short blessings from recent e-mails to friends.

» May our Father’s work and your role in it always be your focus … your vision … your heart’s purest desire … when the path ahead is crystal clear … and when every veiled inch ahead of you requires a great step of faith.

» May your future be filled with many bridge-building opportunities. In your most difficult relationships, may you … and those you struggle with … discover that your desire to honor Jesus by helping others is much more important to you than competing for the right to control the relationship. May our Father lead you to all the right bridges, and may He give you the courage to cross each of them … with grace … and dignity … fully trusting in Him.

» May our Father bless you with spiritual shepherds who will hold your heart … feed your soul … and nurture your faith … in a spirit of compassion … encouragement … and love … as perfect imitators of the Great Shepherd … Jesus.


May you never doubt His love

They say that less is more. Here are three short blessings from e-mails I’ve written to people I love.

» May Jesus transform your weaknesses into the sources of your greatest ministries.

» May you feel the Holy Spirit this week. May He strengthen and comfort you as you live to honor Jesus. May you thrive in His friendship the way our Father intended.

» May you trust Jesus with your future and your heart. May you never doubt His love. May He work through you in tender and powerful ways to reconcile lost and hurting souls to His soul.



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