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Welcome to Steve to Earth. I’m Steve, and I appreciate your taking the time to stop by. It is my hope and prayer that what you find here will give courage to your heart. I have a job, a real life away from the computer and a schedule filled with responsibilities, so I’m a busy guy, but I’ll add new content here as often as I can.

If you are encouraged by what you read here, visit as often as you like. If you need something different than what you find on these pages, please consider creating a web site of your own to share your talents with the world. I believe that when you give to others the very thing that you need, you find your own needs being met in amazing ways.

What you won’t find here: political endorsements … lots of opinions about current events … or criticism of people or things that are different from me.

What you will find here: personal writings and reflections, generally in the form of blessings or prayers … photos … occasional additions to the Special Entries menu … a small list of carefully chosen links … and at times … a poem … a song … or writings on some thought or idea that just won’t leave my heart alone.

There will also be posts about gardening, digital photography, graphic design, gift-giving and things I learn from those who challenge and encourage me in my walk with Jesus.

A little history: Steve to Earth is the ministry I’ve been seeking ever since I transitioned out of youth ministry in February 1996. Little did I know that the greatest transition would take place in my own heart. It didn’t happen quickly. It’s taken nine years … an incredible group of visionary, patient encouragers … and a God of boundless grace to shape a ministry of encouragement in me that finds its expression in the creative environment of the internet.

This space also serves as a place for me to explore the elements of design … to experiment … and to stretch my creative legs. Your visit encourages me to do just that. Enjoy your stay.



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